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Malawi e-invoicing 2024

Launch of VAT government e-billing 2024 to replace fiscal devices

The southeastern African state of the Republic of Malawi is to launch a mandatory VAT e-invoicing system according to its 2024/25 budget policy statement. The aim is to curb Value Added Tax fraud and evasion.

The initiative was announced by the Minister of Finance on 23 February 2024. The current VAT rate in Malawi is 16.5%.

Electronic Fiscal Devices to be replaced by e-billing

Malawi will use the governmental invoice reporting portal to replace the existing mandatory electronic fiscal devise obligation. This requires taxpayers to purchase and instal certified cash and point-of-sale devices that automatically report sales to the tax authorities over the internet. Malawi’s existing devise system, in place since 2014, is viewed imposing a disproportionately expensive for smaller businesses, and now technologically redundant compared to remote invoice reporting.

There is no precise implementation date has been for the role out of the electronic billing system, and the Malawi Revenue Authority will publish details shortly.

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