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Tanzania VFD e-invoicing to include pre-clearance

Retailers and other taxpayers must take next step in e-invoicing

The existing electronic fiscal devices (see below) are to be swapped out for virtual fiscal devices (VFD) on the Tanzanian electronic financial data management system (EFDMS). This means no further requirement to purchase approved online cash registers.

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Issuing VAT e-invoices – pre-clearance now required

Once registered for VFD, taxpayers must request permission to issue e-invoices with a live token being sent to EFDMS. The invoice is then verified and approved by EFDMS, and only then is sent to the customer.

This whole process can be done through accounting, point-of-sale or similar invoicing systems without the need for the old electronic fiscal devices.

January 2021 upgrade

The Tanzania tax authority had warned taxpayers to upgrade the online receipt pre-reporting by 6 January 2021 as part of EFDMS.

Retailers and other providers of goods and services are obliged to be able to have transactions automatically verified by EFDMS via electronic fiscal devices. This may require and upgrade of their existing devise or a new purchase. But traders should be able to use adapted point-of-sale and similar payment processing devices.

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