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Spain SIF electronically produced invoices delay to July 2024

For resident taxpayers, only state or VERI*FACTU approved invoicing software may be used to prepare and submit invoices from July 2024

Spain is to formalise from 1 July 2024 the rules on invoices and their production electronically, including computerised invoicing.  This includes certified invoicing systems and voluntary submission of invoices to the Agencia Tributaria – sistemas y programas informáticos o electrónicos (‘SIF’)

This is a delay from 1 January 2024 following a public consultation.

Taxpayers may also be deemed to be compliant when using the existing Spanish SII live reporting regime.

‘Verifiable invoicing systems’ or VERI*FACTU systems

Taxpayers will be able to use some limited approved invoicing systems from the tax authorities. Otherwise, any commercial product must include commitments to compliance with the new rules, including submission of invoices to the Agencia Tributaria. Such systems will be deemed ‘verifiable invoicing systems’ or VERI*FACTU systems

The new rules only apply to resident businesses. Non-residents without a permanent establishment are not included.

Separately, Spain e-invoicing plans are progressing.  Portugal certified invoicing systems includes similar requirements.

The new Royal Decree sets minimum standards on accounting and invoicing technologies to prevent fraudulent invoices or manipulation of data.  This covers technical specifications and rules to safeguard the creation, integrity, auditability and security of invoices and supporting documents. This includes minimum requirements for producers of systems and accounting software to produce invoices in standard formats.

  • Key features of the new regime will include:
  • Digital fingerprints or ‘hash’ on records
  • Electronic signatures when not submitting invoices directly to the tax office
  • ID code for the software used to produce the invoice
  • Time stamping electronically
  • Digital referencing on credit notes and replacement invoices

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