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Egypt extension of e-invoicing / receipts to B2C update

Trial of B2C electronic receipts extended to 2nd phase October 2022

Egypt is launching the second wave of pilot of electronic invoicing / receipts on 1 October 2022. The first wave started on 15 April. This follows the roll out of B2B e-invoicing since last year.

The Finance Ministry has declared that it will cover both goods and services to non-VAT registered citizens. The pilot will include the use of point-of-sale live reporting of transactions in retail. The new B2C receipt / invoicing requirement should bring a number of benefits:

  • reduce the cases of VAT fraud, boosting government revenues and making trade fairer for honest businesses;
  • simplify the process for taxpayers to complete their VAT returns since they will no longer be required to provide supporting sales receipt data; and
  • Rreinforce consumer rights to return sub-standard goods.

Many countries have implemented fiscal cash registers.

B2B e-invoicing has been rolled out since last year, and largely completed in February 2022. So far, 52,000 businesses have registered with the Ministry of Finance, processing over 154 million e-invoices. Egypt implemented a Continuous Transaction Controls regime, including pre-clearance of e-invoices by the tax authorities.

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